Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama's First Major Decision

US President Barack Obama's first major decision must be to decide the direction this nation will go before making a commitment to a massive $825 billion dollar stimulus plan.

Money spent in the great depression created our world and the problems we now fight. The solution and goal is to remember, the goal in life is not employment; it is a retirement lifestyle creating a garden paradise where we choose trees, plants and animals to grow fresh food around us. That solves world problems at the same time. It is development that is fair, beautiful and sustainable through eternity. It is not the bondage we now live; it is true freedom and independence. Leviticus 26, God's promises.

We are going the wrong way and destroying ourselves. If we turn to creating a garden paradise lifestyle, we will not worry about pollution, global warming, disease, high health costs, war, immigration and social security inadequacies. We will be in a position where we will not have to buy or sell; all our needs will be available around us.

Nature emits carbon dioxide; that is not the problem; it is concentrations of heat in cities that cannot cool before damage to environment. Creating heat by another technology does not solve the problem. Stopping carbon dioxide is dangerous; it stops growth. Making green jobs and going into debt to cut carbon dioxide emissions will not cure our financial crisis either. Could destroying carbon dioxide output have contributed to other planets like Mars having no more water or life? We are a government of the people; people need to say or write the direction they want for our nation.

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